I am Jack Aidley, and this is my site. Here I will, eventually, share parts of my research and thoughts on scientific programming.

I have just submitted my thesis for a PhD at the University of Leicester, supervised by Dr Christopher D. Bayliss, on phase variation in Campylobacter jejuni. I am now about to start a PostDoctoral position studying the evolution of host-microbiota interactions using C. elegans as a model organism with Professor Hinrich Schulenburg at the University of Kiel. This is part of the CRC 1182 collaborative centre who collectively study the “meta-organism” formed by hosts and their microbiota.

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  • Hi Jack,

    I’m part of Chris Bayliss group and we have been using PSAnalyse for Peakscanner results.

    But we’ve upgraded our genescan machine and the output wont run on Peakscanner (1.0) but through the thermofisher website (https://apps.thermofisher.com) which outputs a different file format to Peakscanner (1.0). The output .csv with peak height etc. no longer works on PSAnalyse due to column/row variations.

    I’m wondering if you could either: update the script to account for these changes, or provide the non-.exe files for me to edit.


    • Hi Jonathan,

      If you download the .zip from http://jackaidley.co.uk/PSAnalyse/ it contains the original Perl file (PSAnalyse.pl) as well as the .exe version. You can modify the perl version as you see fit and run it from the command line. To get it to work with the frontend you’ll need to convert to an .exe after making your changes; I used a program called Cava to do it back then but it no longer seems to be supported.

      If there is anything about the code that is unclear, feel free to ask questions but I don’t promise to remember how any of it works any more.

      Good luck,


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